You can make a difference.

 Dear Friends of Sweetbriar:


You can design and create and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality -Walt Disney. Over 45  years ago Sweetbriar Nature Center embarked on a journey to make the dream of connecting children to animals and nature a reality. Thanks to the many people who helped us along the way, we have been able to enrich the lives of many through our outstanding educational programming and wildlife rehabilitation. This year, your support has made it possible for these moments and achievements to happen:


  • Nearly 100,000 visitors had the chance to DISCOVER in our interactive exhibits while enjoying our educational programs

  • Our volunteer program for special needs children gave them a sense of leadership while LEARNING how to care for animals

  • A young Osprey, found by a passerby, attached to his nest by balloon string, is RESCUED by Sweetbriar staff and returned to the wild to complete his migratory journey

  • An Eastern Box Turtle, used as a dog chew toy, had his shell repaired and is RELEASED back to his home territory after months of intensive care


As we prepare for another year here at Sweetbriar, we are aware of the growing need for exceptional hands on educational programming and the need to make a connection with the natural world, especially among our earliest learners. Your help is key as we expand our efforts to offer the opportunity for all children to DISCOVER and LEARN, while continuing our wildlife rehabilitation program so local animals can be RESCUED and RELEASED!


You can make a gift of  “Nature” this year..


Every contribution you make, regardless of the amount, will directly benefit our mission of natural science education and wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. Thank you for making Sweetbriar a top priority to our community and I know the children and animals thank you too!!!!


Have a wonderful year,


Janine Bendicksen

Wildlife Rehabilitate Director at Sweetbriar Nature Center