Scout Programs

Our scout programs, just like our other programs,
are designed to give children an exciting learning experience

  • Hands-on activities

  • Interaction with live animals

  • Participatory activities and games

  • Badge counselors on staff

It is our hope that children leave with a better understanding
and appreciation for the natural world.


On-site programs costs are per child, with a minimum fee of $60 for small groups. We ask that there be at least one chaperone per five children and no more than one adult per three children. In addition, programs can be provided for pack nights. Pack night or Awards Celebration programs are 45 minutes long and the fee is $300. If the pack night site is out of our immediate locale, there will be an extra charge. Pack night topics include Birds of Prey, Threatened Species and Dragons, Turtles and Serpents.


Programs were built with scouts in mind. Therefore, some badge requirements have been built into them. Programs can be adapted to include badge requirements or tailored to fit your group’s needs. Service hour projects are available. We can also create individual service projects for Life and Eagle Scouts, Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards or group service projects.


Scout programs are offered weekends and after school. Times and dates need to be reserved at least three weeks in advance if you wish to hold a spot. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required.

To book a scout program contact Veronica Sayers  at 631-979-6344, ext. 303 or e-mail her at

Choose from the following programs:

Threatened Wildlife 1 hour $6.00 per child What does it mean for a living thing to be listed as threatened, endangered or extinct? In this presentation, children will find this out by being introduced to animals that are in trouble including reptiles, birds of prey and mammals.

Dragons, Turtles and Serpents 1 hour $6.00 per child Get an up-close opportunity to observe our scaly neighbors. Observe a box turtle, pet a python, and have a staring contest with an iguana while discovering what makes a reptile a reptile and how each is unique.

Treasures of the Rain Forest 1 hour $6.00 per child Discover the wonders of this fascinating natural place by meeting live animals and visiting our mock rain forest. Find out what YOU can do to help save this vanishing ecosystem.

Discovering Nature 90 min $7.00 per child Wander the beautiful trails at Sweetbriar Nature Center to discover how things work in nature. Meet some resident animals and find out about the tools that help them to survive.

Bug Out! 1 hour $6.00 per child Insects are the most visible animals on Earth. Through hands-on activities, observation and a bug safari, children will learn what makes an insect an insect, why they are so successful, and how important they are to humans. Children will also meet some many-legged crawlers and visit our beautiful butterfly house, when available.

World of Birds 1 hour $6.00 per child Feathers, beaks and flight are some of the things that make a bird a bird. In this exciting introduction to our winged friends children will discover other things about birds and their amazing tools for survival. Through discussion, participatory activities and live examples, children will learn more about the world of birds.

Birds of Prey (Pack Nights only) 45 min $300 They soar above all other animals, scanning for food below. They dive through the air at speeds as fast as race cars. What could they be? Are they UFOs; NO, they are birds of prey. Children will learn all about these magnificent predators. Only the presenter handles these animals!

Animal Interviews 1 hour $6.00 per child Get to know a variety of live animals, from amphibians to reptiles, birds and mammals. Discover the things that make each animal unique. Through discussion, demonstration and participatory activities, children will find out how each has the tool it needs to survive.

Wonders of the Woodlands 90 min $7.00 per child The forest is like a city of animal and plant life with the trees as living, breathing buildings. Ramble through the woodlands here at Sweetbriar, exploring the different layers of the forest and looking for signs of animals. Through hands-on activities, observation and live animals, learn that the forest is more than just a bunch of trees.

Adopt-A-Trail Adopt one of our many trails and have your group of scouts maintaiin it and keep it beautiful.   Your troop or den will receive a certificate recognizing them as the keepers of the trail.  It is a great way to help out our center and gain service hours.

Girl Scout  Programs

In addition to the general scout programs above, we can help brownies and juniors on their path to complete their journeys by offering the programs below.

– Take Action project opportunities

– one-on-one advice from a naturalist

– skill building and other badge programs

Brownie Badge Programs 1 hour $6.00 per child Choose from Bugs, Hiker, or Letterboxer, Outdoor Art Creator, Outdoor Adventurer

Junior Badge Programs 90 minutes $7.00 per child Choose from:Animal Habitats, Camper or Gardener


Sweetbriar Patches available for $3.00/patch.

Reservations must be made by phone at least three weeks prior to the program date.