Time for some spring cleaning

Now’s the time of year where we all want to get a little cleaning done. Many of the items sold nowadays are disposable, or short use items. We also live in a time when it is more cost effective to buy a new item then fix an old one. Here are some tips on what to do with your items you’re looking to get rid of.

If it’s an item in good condition you can always donate it to Sweetbriar’s Yard Sale for Wildlife. All money goes back into the center. Call our center at 631-979-6344 and speak to Eric to arrange a drop off.

Have old electronics. We all do! Click here and donate. You can also share the link with your friends to raise money for Sweetbriar.

Our staff has been learning how to use the website Terracyle to send in recyclables our local municipality no longer accepts in the garbage pick up.

Clothing - In good condition there are many places to drop off. If it’s something unusable please check this guide on Earth911

Long Island Coalition for the Homeless collects many items needed daily. If you have un-opened toiletries and clothing that can be used for job interviews, please contact them.

Earth911 also has a great reference sheet on where else to send items Here