Art Collides with Nature at Sweetbriar Nature Center

Children’s Art Classes

These classes are designed to help children connect with nature which inspires them to create nature themed art work.  Sweetbriar is such a great place to combine these things.  Children will spend three weeks drawing, journaling and implementing creative techniques that they will use to recreate and record many of the animals and plants at the nature center.  Each child will then use the last three weeks to complete a final project using all their experiences and the skills they have learned.  These projects might include paintings, sculptures, puppets or anything that takes advantage of their best talents. 

You can e-mail the instructor, Meagan Flaherty at or call Sweetbriar and ask for Eric, 631-979-6344, ext. 302

When: Saturday, July 6th through August 10th, 1 to 3pm

Who:  Children ages 7-17

How much: $180/child for six week session or $35/class, early bird discount $150 if you register by March 30