November 2011

CleoDear Friends of Sweetbriar,

2011 was a challenging year for Long Islanders, and perhaps for your family in particular. Tough times bring tough choices, especially when it comes to charitable giving, but here at Sweetbriar Nature Center, we know how much you care about our environment and the animals that depend on it. The staff at Sweetbriar regularly answers calls to save wild animals in trouble. The story of Cleo the red fox was particularly moving.

In June, Sweetbriar received a desperate call from a public golf course on the south shore of Long Island. There was a baby fox in urgent need of medical care. Upon arrival we found the kit curled up on on the green, and we knew she needed immediate help.

Upon examination we saw she had open gashes on each side of her body; her front leg was broken and she was emaciated. Obviously, a raptor had tried to carry away this kit for a tasty meal and was unable to support her weight. The little fox was dropped to the cement ground breaking her leg, leaving her unable to hunt for food. This was a death sentence for this poor kit.

To our delight “Cleo” was a real survivor. She responded extremely well to treatment and was ready for release in just 3 months. Full grown, wounds healed, using her front leg and eager to explore the natural world, Cleo was brought back to where she came from. As she was released from the carrier she ran towards the tall grass, paused for a moment and looked back as if she was saying thank you for helping me!

Since the work we do is supported by contributions, please consider donating to the 2011 appeal on our behalf. Your generosity is what allows our very important work to succeed. To do so, please fill out and return the enclosed Annual Giving envelope, along with your contribution. Any and all funds will make an enormous difference in helping wildlife and for us to continue the mission of environmental education and wildlife rehabilitation.

Thank you on behalf of everyone here at Sweetbriar Nature Center and Happy Holidays to all creatures big and small!


Janine Bendicksen, Curator

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